Friday, October 27, 2006

Web 2.0 enhances the college search

As soon as I blogged about web 2.0 and higher education (see previous post) I found a website that allows a person to save, sort, and share the schools they are interested in with others at The site enables college bound students to:
  • Save and sort schools that interest them.
  • Find good college matches based on their profile.
  • Find other people interested in their schools of interest.
Here again, we see a site that is enhanced by the community contributions. I ran a search on my school, Bowling Green State University to see what comes up. See the results here

Each search enables students to quickly compare schools by the following categories:
1. Introduction (overview of school)
2. Student Life
3. Programs of Study
4. Admissions
5. Financial Aid
6. International Students
7. Computers
8. Graduates
9. Contact
10. Reviews

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