Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thinkature - a free workspace to collaborate with co-workers, friends, and colleagues

Introduce your colleagues or classmates to Thinkature for enriching group work activities, either online or on-site via a computer enabled environment. Thinkature is a neat website application that acts as a "collaboration environment, a meeting room, a personal web-based whiteboard, or something entirely new" based on the needs of your group. It's free and it's worth checking out if your are into exploring educational technology tools.

"With Thinkature, you can create a collaborative workspace and invite coworkers, friends, and colleagues to join you in just seconds. Once inside your workspace, you can communicate by chatting, drawing, creating cards, and adding content from around the Internet. It's all synchronous, too - no need to hit reload or get an editing lock."

You can play with Thinkature here to see for yourself the kind of "things" it can do. If you like it, sign up for a free account and begin implementing it. Feel free to share your experiences about it in the comments section of this blog.

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