Friday, November 03, 2006

Video- Massachusetts School of Law Panel Discussion on Distance Learning

When some one mentions the term "distance learning", many different things could come to mind. In todays day and age, distance learning is becoming less about correspondence courses and more about dynamic and interactive technologically mediated online learning environments. The following panel discussion video from the Massachusetts School of Law, provides differing and interesting points of view on the topic of distance learning.
The Panel Discussion participants include:
  • Jon Paul Potts, Communications Manager for MIT’s OpenCourseWare initiative;
  • Ed Klonoski, Executive Director of the Connecticut Distance Learning Cosortium;
  • Todd Oppenheimer, Author of "The Flickering Mind: The False Promise of Technology in the Classroom and How Learning Can Be Saved"
One thing I noticed that all 3 panelists agree on is that information does not equal instruction. No matter how much info can be found online, the education process requires a design for learning that promotes engagement. A rich learning environment regardless of whether it is face to face or online, involves content organization, instruction, communication, collaboration, and assessment.

Enjoy the video. (Note: The audio and video get a bit out of sync around the 30 minute mark so don't be alarmed).

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