Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We are Smarter Than Me - My Contribution

I blogged about the project, "We are Smarter Than Me" yesterday, in which more than a million business professionals and scholars are invited to collaborate using a massive wiki to write a book on the Best Practices in Business Management.

Since I am interested in studying the educational implications of harnessing the collective intelligence of the masses, I couldn't resist the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and be a part of the process in this experiment... so I signed up to be a part of the team. I just finished an introductory paragraph for the book and I am curious to see how my text will be analyzed, discussed, and critiqued. Here is what I wrote...

"Life is community. From our first breath as a newborn babe and in the hands of a stranger, we experience the physical necessity of community. By the hands of a mother and father, we are nourished to health. By the hands of a family we first experience our deep desire to love and be loved. It is in community that our world makes sense and it is where we live. Take a minute from your reading and think of a favorite memory. Hold that thought... Does it involve another person or a group of people? Most likely it does because as we look at the design of life and our own wiring, it is easy to see that we are to experience it together. Not only is life linked to community, but in community is where knowledge and understanding are born. There has never been an original idea. Everything has first been passed down to us from our parents or guardians, family and friends, teachers and coaches, etc. However, once an idea is passed down to us, we can analyze, design, develop, and re-invent the idea in new and innovative ways. The more people we can share ideas with, the greater potential for new innovation and the greater potential for a better world. This is, in effect, the essence of this book."

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