Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Skype 3.0

Video and audio communication over the internet adds some really neat aspects to online teaching and learning. Would you like to call or video conference anyone in the world for free using your computer? Would you pay $15 a year to call any landline phone with your computer in the US and Canada? Would you like to to do some free video conferencing online with your students? How might these techniques enhance your online course? I'm no salesperson, but I will advocate something if I think it can benefit education and Skype is one nice application that uses peer to peer technology to enhance online communication. Check out their most recent version--- Skype 3.0

I am looking forward to the day that my students and colleagues in the 3rd world will call me for free from their $100 laptops. The global classroom is just around the corner.

Feel free to give me a call sometime via skype. My skype name is terenceonline

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Jotham said...

Hey Terrence,
I was reading your blog about peer to peer technology and I just found a software that uses the same technology but does not charge for calls within US and Canada in addition to other international destinations in the world. Check: Voicebuster