Monday, January 22, 2007

Open Culture - ideas and media

Open Culture is a good resource for finding podcasts, videos, online courses, and other dynamic learning resources from quality places such as MIT, Yale, UC Berkley, Harvard, and others. Open culture is edited by Dan Colman, Associate Dean & Director of Stanford's Continuing Studies Program.

As I was looking through Open Culture, I noticed some similar content to TerenceOnline, such as posts about foreign language podcasts, the Open Courseware Initiative, the Time Magazine Person of the Year, the Harvard Law School Second Life course, and others. It is encouraging to see the similarities in the topics covered as both sites serve up useful information for the lifelong learner. The focus of TerenceOnline includes eLearning resources, online technologies, web 2.0, pedagogy, and educational technology to bolster the quality of education. OpenCulture paints with broader brush strokes on the canvas of ideas and media as a whole.

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