Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Encyclopedia of Life

"Imagine an electronic page for each species of organism on Earth, available everywhere by single access on command." - Edward O. Wilson

This project is awesome in scope and looks to be be an amazing resource for the field of science and the world at large. It also serves as an example and reminder to institutions of higher education of the potential and power that online collaboration through technologies bring to the field of educating.

Watch the video:

What does Encyclopedia of Life seek to accomplish? What are its objectives?
"Ultimately, the Encyclopedia will serve as an online reference source and database for every one of the 1.8 million species that are named and known on this planet, as well as all those later discovered and described. Encyclopedia of Life will be used as both a teaching and a learning tool, helping scientists, educators, students, and the community at large gain a better understanding of this planet and all who inhabit it." - View the Site

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