Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Jott: Phone-Message-Transcribed-Emailed-Free

I know it has been a while since my last blog so I hope your RSS reader is still plugged in to TerenceOnline because I have a really neat piece of technology to share with you today. Jott is a fairly new free innovative service on the internet that enables people to dial a phone number (on a phone they registered with Jott for free), record a message, and then Jott will record and transcribe the message for you and email it to you, another person, or a group. For example, students could use the service to remind them of a test that is coming up or homework that is due. In addition this service could enhance group collaboration. Teachers could use the service in a variety of ways such as for personal organization as well as integrating the technology into class assignments. My main reservation about the service is that if I am constantly using my cell phone to Jott my thoughts down, will my Verizon phone bill be really expensive? Jott uses a toll free number, but I don't think my cell phone company cares about that. I'm not positive though.

The Jott website states "At Jott, we're simply trying to give you more access: to your ideas, to people, and more. We do it using things you trust that are already in your life: an ordinary cell phone and your voice. To Jott, just make a phone call. The way we figure it, if Jott gives you time back, let's you connect or get more done, we've done our job."

It is a pretty cool and an extremely easy to use service. Check it out at and create your first Jott today.

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