Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Online Degrees

"Online degrees like those offered by Almeda University have taken the continent by storm. For many years, there have been questions and reservations about Online Degrees--but no longer. The corner has been turned and Online Degrees are now not only acceptable and accepted, but desired and desirable." Read more

Though the following article reads sort of like an advertisement for Almeda University, the basic premise of it is on target. Articles like this one are going become more and more common over the next couple years. Technology is connecting people and learning can happen virtually anywhere. (no pun intended). The universities that "get it", understand that its about more than having the ability to use technology to teach at a distance but that it's about using technology to enhance the student experience and the overall quality of learning for all students. If you missed it, view my University 2.0 post for more on this topic.

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