Thursday, June 07, 2007

Wikis in Plain English

I really enjoyed the video these guys did earlier on RSS in Plain English. They are back with another really easy to understand video on Wikis. This is nice because I have recently incorporated the use of a wiki in my BGSU Online Faculty Training Program so instructors can get familiar with using a wiki. I like their description of why they created this video, "We made this video because wiki web sites are easy to use, but hard to describe. We hope to turn you on to a better way to plan a camping trip, or create the next Wikipedia" Enjoy the video--


erich said...

That is one fabulous video on how to use and make a wiki. I am currently looking at using WIKIs in a new course I am going to teach this coming year that requires students to develop a product over the Internet where they have to share and collaborate over the web to design their product. This video might be a nice preview of how to correspond.

Terence Armentano said...

Yes, I have been incorporating a wiki into our online training program here at BGSU and it has been a real successful tool. The collaborative capabilities the wiki provides is perfect for group projects.

LA said...

Great, simplified explanation of Wiki basics. I will definitely be using this video in my new course. Thanks.