Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Google responds - Jotspot to be added to Google Apps

When Grady Burnett, Head of Online Sales and Operation for Google, spoke at BGSU, I asked a couple questions and had a suggestion. Since then I have seen them address 1 of my questions and apply my suggestion to their process. Coincidence? My suggestion was that they should integrate blogger with their gmail account to which Grady replied that he thought it was a good idea. Several months later Google incorporated a drop down menu into gmail with blogger as one of the options - nice.

One of my questions was if he knew whether JotSpot would be incorporated into the Google Apps Suite to which he did not have a reply at the time, but it now appears like it will be coming soon according to this ZDNet article. Incorporating a wiki into their current suite only makes sense for what they are doing. I wonder if it will be as good as PB Wiki. PB Wiki is crazy simple, innovative, and useful. I wonder if Google will buy them out?

My final question to Grady was whether or not they have thought about building a Google Learning Management System. He first asked what I meant by a Learning Management System and after I explained the concept, he said he thought it was a good idea but that they had not thought about that yet. I wonder if this too will be addressed in the near future. Google, that will be 1 million dollars please. jk.

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