Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Thanks to Dr. Bruce Edwards at BGSU for this lead. The following is an excellent list of technology tools that can be utilized for elearning. This list was compiled by 88 elearning professionals and posted at the Center for Learning and Performance Technologies. The list contains just about everything I could think of though I might add the following: iMovie, iDVD, JumpCut, Bubbleshare, Thinkature, Jott, Gabjam, Yourminis, SurveyMonkey, Google Analytics or Sitemeter, Gtalk, to name a few. Please post any thoughts you have about this list. What would you add?


GMI Blog Admin said...

I work for a company, GMI, that specializes in market intelligence solutions, which could lead to eLearning. You list SurveyMonkey; we have a competitor product InstantSurvey. We also have other software that gauges customer reactions, like VantagePoint, Net-MR and Research Analyzer.

Aside from those, other tools I would say are Visual Science (like Google Analytics) and even Google itself provides a lot more useful "learning" information than just search results.

Swamy said...

I am the co-founder of a company named Qlip Media. Our product QlipBoard lets you capture anything you see on your screen (or import images) and then talk, draw and write and with one click, send through email, post a link into a blog or save locally as a wmv file for later upload or use in a podcast. Its free and takes only a couple of minutes to learn to use. QlipBoard lets anyone with a computer explain anything.

You can learn more about QlipBoard at