Thursday, November 15, 2007

Predicting the future of online learning

Predicting the future is tough business because often times unpredictable things happen, which change the course of life. [i.e. Movable Type, The Internet, Google (the search), etc.].

So the question is: What is the future of online learning?

The following are ideas that surfaced at the Sloan-C Conference from a presentation on this topic. I don't endorse all these ideas, however many of them make sense and are worthy of discussion. What are your thoughts?
  • More mobile
  • More modular
  • Student expectations will rise
  • More inter-insitutional collaboration
  • Expansion of informal learning context
  • Faculty development will be on demand
  • People will aggregate there own learning spaces
  • People will learn through YouTube (and other video web-sites)
  • Re-evaluation about what it means to be an expert
  • The rise of open source learning
  • More visualization
  • Everyone will be teaching with tech
  • Learning will be more ad-hoc
  • More fantasy-based learning
  • Things will be more un-bundled just like in banking, publishing, music, dvd’s.
More terms associated with the future of online learning (some were repeated)
  • modular
  • synchronous
  • asynchronous
  • collaborative
  • consumer driven
  • media rich
  • competency based
  • visual
  • networked
  • accountable
  • flexible
  • audio enabled
  • learning on the go
  • gaming
  • social networking
  • student-created content
  • blogs
  • podcasting
  • cross platform learning
  • bricolage
  • diverse organization and delivery
  • just in time learning
  • external certification
  • more faculty issues
  • second life

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