Thursday, February 28, 2008

JotSpot + Google = Google Sites...hmmmm?

Well, I got an announcement in my inbox today from Google informing me that they have finally incorporated JotSpot (a wiki application) within the Google framework. They call it Google Sites. It can essentially function as an intranet and workspace for a school, team, organization, etc. The unique thing about it is that it functions like a wiki though they are not using the term wiki. Instead they are just calling it a Site. What is different about this wiki platform is that it is designed to seamlessly integrate many of the google apps right into the Site using an Insert button. So if I am working with a team we can all edit the site easily and add documents, spreadsheets, videos, calendars, blogs, etc right into the Intranet. They are close to making the web an easier place for all people to create content and work together, however, the design of it all is still a bit lacking. Here is a video that explains Google Sites a bit more. If you have used it before, let us know what you think of it and how your team is using it.

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