Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Google Sites - Some quick thoughts to improve the system

I am liking Google Sites as a team intranet wiki collaboration tool. However, there are a couple of things that need improvement and I'm hoping people from google read this.
  1. First and most importantly, they need to make the page management system better!
    • For example, they need to allow people to create folders to organize the pages we create, instead of just a huge list of created pages. I know google is anti creating folders and I am fine with that since I too prefer the search engine for organizing and retrieving, but they need to provide a search engine to find the page I am looking for to link to.
  2. They need to enable each user the ability to add a list widget to a page so that people can add co-workers' lists to their page and have an updated list of everyone's projects on their page. In addition, it would be nice to have the ability for individual lists to export their lists to 1 Master Team list. Therefore, everyone could keep their individual project lists on their pages and it exports to a team list. It would also be neat if it could take list information and generate a graphical diagram.
  3. The Google Sites Start Page is pretty weak. It would be cool to have all of my RSS Feeds there and i'd like to be able to upload them in one fell swoop with an OPML file. It should be something more like Netvibes or at least iGoogle.
  4. Why not incorporate email with Google Sites?
  5. More page privacy options.
Though I have these requests, it is a very cool product and I look forward to see how they improve it over time. More thoughts coming soon as I discover more about the inner workings of the system...

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