Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I help set a world record by downloading Firefox 3: the greatest web browser

Check out this cool certificate I got from Firefox for helping them set a world record for the most downloads of a software app in one day. Firefox 3 is awesome and has tons of add-ons that you can download to make your browsing experience excellent. Plus, since it is open source, everything is free so don't worry about forking over tons of money. I think it is time for people to put their Internet Explorer and Safari browsers to bed. But remember, the browser is only awesome if you know how to use it, so do some research on it and start customizing it to your needs. I'll do some jing videos in the future of some cool add-ons that I use with Firefox.

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Rob Domanski said...

Setting the Guinness world record for "Most Downloads in a Day" was a bit misleading. The record didn't previously exist, so it was really just a brilliant publicity coup.

The real story was the online mass mobilization that took place in the days leading up to it.