Thursday, July 10, 2008

launch of app store for iPhone could revolutionize the mobile world

Jobs: App Store launching with 500 iPhone applications, 25% free - Engadget
Tim Bajarin at Creative Strategies said, "When IBM introduced the PC, it was good, but it didn't take off until people started discovering the software." It's these apps then, he adds, that will "dramatically differentiates the iPhone" from Treos and BlackBerrys. Indeed, while consumers are focused on the launch of the iPhone 3G device, it's the App Store which has analysts in such a tizzy.
Imagine your computer with only an operating system and a couple software programs. You wouldn't think it is all that great. That situation is somewhat analogous to the mobile phone world in many respects until now. With the introduction of an application store for the iphone, mobile technology should dramataically enhance. Though 33% of the apps will be games, the development of apps for the phone will revolutionize the mobile lifestyle. It will be interesting to see how Google's pet project, Android, will compare. Android is an open source application that will run on many different cell phone brands and they have opened the code up for people to develop apps for Android. In fact, google is giving away 10 million dollars to the top 50 developers of apps for Android. Who do you think will be a bigger player in the mobile technology world? I typically lean toward open source solutions whenever practical for educational reasons.

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