Thursday, August 07, 2008

Live Broadcasting on the Web

A colleague of mine at BGSU, Anthony Fontana, has a great post on his blog about the exciting world of live broadcasting on the web. There is a lot of good information in his post about using this technology for teaching and learning online. He asks, "How can these tools be used in education? How is this different than simple video conferencing?"
  • Faculty, students, and other individuals (visiting lecturers, professionals, etc…) can interact from great distances while still having access to all media and desktop tools needed for dynamic discussions
  • Recordings of these interactions can be documented and distributed asynchronously
  • Like podcasting and video helped to create a culture of user-generated material so too might live media (there are many “live shows” already gaining popularity on these sites
  • As mobile video becomes more mainstream, so too will live feeds of people’s lives: aka. Lifecasting
Check it out here

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