Thursday, February 26, 2009

University 2.0: How BGSU Leveraged Open Source Technology to Create a Web 2.0 Learning

I will be presenting at the 2009 LTT Conference in Columbus, Ohio on Monday at 11:15am. Here are the details about my presentation

:  University 2.0: How BGSU Leveraged Open Source Technology to Create a Web 2.0 Learning Landscape

My presentation is about how COBL, the Center for Online and Blended Learning, leveraged open source technologies to create a web 2.0 learning landscape at BGSU. At the core of the learning landscape is a web 2.0 personal publishing platform that supports the community's social, professional, and learning activities. The system enables BGSU faculty, staff, and students to create interactive websites, eportfolios, blogs, podcasts, and more. If you will be attending my presentation, we will be discussing the following:
  • How is web 2.0 revolutionizing the learning environment?
  • What makes a good publishing platform to build a web 2.0 learning landscape?
  • How do portfolios, podcasts, blogs, and interactive web sites add value to the learning environment?
  • What kind of support is needed to maintain an open source publishing platform?
  • What kind of situations (academic, legal, social) might arise when enabling everyone at the university to have a voice and publish that voice?
  • What kind of policies should be in place to ensure the protection of the university and it's faculty, staff, and students?
  • Whose responsibility is it to monitor the content on the system? Why?
  • How can universities leverage the interactive nature of the publishing platform to improve the university?


Jason Rhode said...

What platform did you use for your "learning landscape?" Sounds like perhaps Elgg?

Terence Armentano, M.Ed. said...

Hi Jason,
We used the WordpressMU platform and customized it with plugins and core edits.