Wednesday, April 01, 2009

BGSU's Huber honored for online textbook

Here is nice article about one of BGSU's own faculty creating and teaching from an e-book. I like that Dr. Huber not only recognizes the value in saving paper and the students money, but also that the e-book platform offers a more interactive experience with the material. Huber says, "The material in an animal behavior class is highly visual by its very nature and loses much of its student appeal when it gets reduced to simple lines in a printed textbook. "The same idea can be applied to teaching fully online courses as well. There are so many online tools available to engage students in the material that teaching online, when done right, can be an extremely affective means of education.
Creating a free, online textbook used by students in his Animal Behavior class has earned Dr. Robert Huber, a professor of biology at Bowling Green State University, one of the inaugural 10 Faculty Innovator Awards from the University System of Ohio (USO).
Huber and his fellow recipients were honored March 24 in Columbus, where they received the $1,000 cash award for using technological innovation to reduce the cost of textbooks to students. They were recognized by Gov. Ted Strickland and the Ohio House and Senate, as well as by Eric Fingerhut, chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents.
In addition to the textbook posted at Wikibooks, Huber "provides additional course material at no cost to students, including online media and lecture-note archives," the USO pointed out in its commendation... read entire story

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