Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Major flaw in Blackberry design - RIM needs to fix this yesterday

I actually think my Blackberry Storm is a really cool gadget and would recommend it to everyone I know, EXCEPT that there is a HUGE flaw in the way RIM designed the tool and I haven't seen too many people talk about this FLAW yet. Had I known about this flaw in the design of the Blackberry, I may not have bought one. The flaw is glaring. Are you ready for it? Here it is. The phone only has 128 MB of dedicated memory for Applications compared to the 8 GB and Iphone has. Yes, the Storm is equipped with an 8 GB SD card, which is awesome, but none of that great memory can be used to store applications. I only have about 20 applications on my STORM and I only downloaded about 10 custom apps and I am unable to upgrade the OS because I don't have enough memory! Not to mention it leaks memory, so I have to pull the battery every day to free up about 20 megs of space. Can you believe that?! The Storm is an awesome gadget and I actually think it's features are superior to the current competition of smart phones, however, this flaw is too great to overlook and they should not sell another Blackberry until they get this fixed. I want RIM to provide us a FIRMWARE update NOW that fixes this problem. What do you think?

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