Friday, July 24, 2009

US Department of Education Release Study Indicating Online and Blended Learning to be Most Advantageous

This is something that those of us in the field have known for quite some time. I think what is extremely important about this study is that the source of this study is the Department of Education. It can be quite time consuming trying to convince some people about the quality of online education, so this just adds more credibility to what we have been saying.

News: The Evidence on Online Education - Inside Higher Ed
WASHINGTON -- Online learning has definite advantages over face-to-face instruction when it comes to teaching and learning, according to a new meta-analysis released Friday by the U.S. Department of Education.

The study found that students who took all or part of their instruction online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through face-to-face instruction. Further, those who took "blended" courses -- those that combine elements of online learning and face-to-face instruction -- appeared to do best of all. That finding could be significant as many colleges report that blended instruction is among the fastest-growing types of enrollment.

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Chris Eldred said...

Boom! There it is! Thanks for pointing this out Terence. I can't wait ti share this with my learning community.