Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Good Courseware, Content, and Delivery

elliottvipod.gifI found the following modular flash lesson titled "How Changing Technology will Change Learning" a good example of courseware, content, and delivery. The missing link to higher levels of learning, of course, is the collaborative piece enabling communication between learners and presenter to discuss and critique various aspects of the lesson.
I found this resource useful for several reasons:
  1. It is a pretty good design for courseware using flash (navigation, audio, text, and images)
    (NOTE: I think the design could be enhanced if there was an audio controller to tell the learner how long the audio will be as well as enable the learner to control the play functions)
  2. The clarity and expressive tone of his voice made it more motivating to keep listening.
  3. This coureware demonstrates the effectiveness of chunking information into 2-3 minute segments
  4. The content of this module is relevant to my field of online education and was quite interesting.

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