Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Should All Learning Professionals Be Blogging?

In response to The Learning Circuits Big Question, "Should All Learning Professionals Be Blogging?" I will respond in a manner I feel is consistent with elearning; Simple, Concise, and Pointed.
  • I think anyone that is motivated to share ideas should do so.
  • I think that sharing ideas is powerful and blogs certainly make the process more efficient.
  • With power comes personal responsibility. Who would watch the content for errors, falsifications, etc.
  • I think systems connecting, disseminating, and ranking blogs similar to the way Digg ranks tech news stories would be one way to place checks and balances in the blogosphere.
  • I would personally like to see professors from all over the world blog in their area of expertise and then use a system like Digg to rank the blogs.
  • I would recommend to learning professionals that blog to keep it simple and relevant. Don't turn your blog into an academic journal.