Monday, November 13, 2006

Gabjam - A Free Video Discussion Board

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a website service called Gabmail that enables users to record up to two minutes of video and send a link to their friends or colleagues to view the video. One of the developers of Gabmail, Mark, contacted me by responding to my post. In his response, Mark advised me to check out the Gabjam feature of Gabmail. A Gabjam enables the users to have a threaded video discussion. Mark pointed out that "the real power is in the threading of messages. Especially in a GabJam." He went on to say , "I'll post a GabJam from me to you below that you can Reply to. Once you have the link, neither of us has to actually send another email. We can just record them and when we refresh our browsers, the new videos just show up." If you are interested in viewing our Gabjam, you can check it out here. View our Gabjam

If you have a webcam, feel free to post your own video to this gabjam and test it out.

I think this free service has some pretty neat implications for an online learning community and I wonder if they should think about about setting up this service for individual universities similar to what apple is doing with ITUNES U? I would volunteer to run a pilot test at my university. I could see a feature like gabjam as part of Facebook or MySpace as well as learning management systems like Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard, BlackCT, etc.

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