Friday, September 28, 2007

The young blog their way to a publishing revolution

Blogs have made publishing to a world-wide audience as easy as's 1-2-3 steps to starting blog. Expression and communication online are growing rapidly. According to Technorati, 1 new blog is created every second. People love the idea of publishing, sharing, and consuming information rapidly. It feels like light years to wait for the morning paper to get the news. A world in which everyone has a voice is becoming more and more of a reality. Universities around the world should take notice of their upcoming students and how they interact with information and communicate online. They will be attending your school soon, so you must ask yourself the question, "How are we adapting to the needs of our students and the world in which we live where information moves at the speed of light?" At my university, the IDEAL office (Online Education Team), of which I am a part of, are constantly researching new technologies, testing new modes of communication, building and implementing web 2.0 environments, and assisting faculty in applying these new technologies to enhance instructional strategies. The following article describes the personal publishing revolution and why a third of all young people have launched a blog online. Read Article

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