Monday, October 01, 2007

WiMAX - Unlocking the next stage of the Internet?

I was reading an article about a new piece of technology called WiMAX that may fit nicely into the puzzle for bringing internet access to new parts of the world. The article states that "the primary benefit of WiMAX is to fill in the gaps of the Internet — the gaps of coverage in rural and remote areas and developing countries where it has been economically unfeasible to bring inexpensive broadband, and the gaps in coverage that mobile users have to deal with when they are away from their office, home, or Wi-Fi hotspot. The gaps won’t all be filled in 2008. It will take years for this build-out to happen, but we’ll start to see some of the gaps closing next year." Whenever I think of the $100 laptop program, I first think about Internet access and how that will be achieved in remote areas of the world. But it looks like this kind of technology may be part of the answer to that question. It's fast, there is no need to lay wires, it's much cheaper to deploy, so in 2008 we may get to see some interesting new things in technology and education around the world.

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