Thursday, October 11, 2007

Blogging, academia, and the Stanford blog directory

When I stated in May 2007 in a post about Blogging and Academia that "I believe blogging is going to play a much greater role in the future of academics and educational institutions," I didn't know exactly how soon some big name universities would be addressing the issue. Last week, Stanford University launched the Stanford Blog Directory, as a solution to capture and index the collective blogging wisdom coming out of the university community (faculty, staff, alumni, etc.). Harvard has also made some waves in the academic blogosphere by enabling anyone with a email address to start a blog, which is then maintained and indexed on their system. I can't say too much right now, but I am involved in efforts at my own university to develop and facilitate an effective and innovative approach to enable and index academic blogging AND podcasting (more on that later).

One complaint about the open nature of web 2.0 is that any fool can say what they want, however, on the same token any intelligent person can say what they want as well. For this reason, premier learning institutions around the world should play a leading role in facilitating and indexing blogs for their community. Every educational institution should seriously consider creating a blog directory for faculty, staff, and alumni, so that the world can really see what kind of ideas come out of various learning communities around the world. What do others think about this issue?

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