Friday, March 14, 2008

PB Wiki steps up their game. Will Google Sites respond?

It appears that PB Wiki is fiercely competing with the Goliath that is Google and their new product, Google Sites. I really enjoy both products and have implemented them both in different ways at BGSU. We have been using the PB Wiki in our training programs and Google Sites for our own project management organization. I think wiki's are awesome collaboration tools. I wrote a post a few days ago about ways I thought Google Sites could improve their system and it appears that PB Wiki already has pretty much all of the feature I said should be integrated into Google Sites, so I hope the competition drives excellence for both companies. Sometimes I wonder if Google is wishing they would have bought PB Wiki instead of JotSpot, but I guess they still could if they wanted to. I mean it is Google! The reason I like what Google Sites is doing is because it has the the patented ease of use guarantee and it integrates well with other Google apps we use. I am typically a fan of their web apps and they usually integrate search technology like no one else. However, PB Wiki is looking a bit more sophisticated at this point and I hope the Google Sites development team is working hard to match their features very soon. For example, the new PB Wiki provides page level access, page folders and folder access controls, as well as a new sleek interface. Check out this video of the new PB Wiki 2.0 and let us know what you think.


bdon said...

Interesting, but PB wiki 2.0 still feels more like a robust wiki than a project management tool. At my organization we use Basecamp to manage projects and a wiki to manage knowledge and share best practices. I'd like to hear how people are using PB Wiki or Google Sites to manage projects?

Terence Armentano, M.Ed. said...

Google Sites has a template in which the team can quickly and easily add the project they are working on, the status, and the target date of completion. It is not as robust as other pm tools, but it works for a small team. I haven't had a chance to play around with pb wiki 2.0 too much.

bdon said...

Cool, thanks. I enjoy your blog...keep up the good work!bri