Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Distance learning and gas prices

I thought the results for a Google search I performed on "distance learning + gas prices" was pretty interesting. What do you think? Since most subjects can be taught online effectively and driving to class is becoming more $$$ for students and teachers, people are looking for online options. I have always said that online courses and programs add immense value to the traditional brick and mortar university (See University 2.0) and this is just another example. Online courses can be flexible, accessible, engaging, interactive, and very personal. As students continue to discover both the monetary and educational benefits of online learning, they will continue to look for the option as they hunt for the right university. Those universities that are paying attention to the needs of modern day students will benefit. BGSU, my university, which has been around since 1910, seems to get it as they have been adding more online courses every year since 2000. Check out our online degrees

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joannep said...

This is an international situation and doesn't appear to be changing route any time soon.

As you say, even though distance learning is not face to face, it is a personal method as tutor support is remote, but still one to one at any given time.

We have a range of distance leanring courses to suit, with internaitonal delivery options. All material is posted directly to the student and support is given mainly by mail and email. We also have a range of online courses in varying subjects. Please visit for full details and to see our range of products.