Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Don't click it

This is an interesting button free environment. Find out how much you like or dislike mouse clicking as part of the navigation experience for websites. The navigation for this site is designed so that one does not need to ever click on the mouse button to get around the site. This poses some interesting concepts for future web interface design. After visiting the site let us know if you miss the mouse click.


Chris Eldred said...

Wow, very interesting site. I managed to resist clicking but it was hard. This could be useful, but I see two problems. One, this is built on flash, which means it is harder to create sites and content with this style. Two, retraining every single person on the internet not to click? I have a hard enough time with my students breaking them on the habit of double clicking every single thing. How am I going to get them to not click at all?

Linda Higbee Mandlebaum said...

This site has great potential for people with severe disabilities. They might improve it by making the print and space between choices larger so someone with fine-motor control could more easily select a choice. Other than that, I think it has great possibilities.

Michael Edwards said...

I miss the click. The click allows you to be SURE you want to activate something. Removing the click eliminates the distinction between "hovering" and "clicking" and while simplifying, perhaps, also restricts interface options.